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The Definition of Chatzos – KosherJava

Chatzos is the moment that the sun is positioned exactly in the center of the sky – at the highest point of its daily east/west path …. Calculating this time is simple since it is halfway between the moment of sea-level sunrise and sea-level sunset. He continues to explain that this half-of-the-day chatzos is not exactly accurate since the ...

About : Kollel Chatzos

Kollel Chatzos Mission. Every midnight, nearly 100 scholars in these communities leave their warm beds and gather at Kollel Chatzos to study Torah throughout the night. Kollel Chatzos is a global learning organization with five physical locations in Boro Park, NY; Meron, Israel; Monroe, NY; Monsey, NY; and Williamsburg, NY.

Chatzot | Chatzos

Chatzos (or Chatzot) is the Hebrew term applied to Halachic mid-day. This time does not necessarily coincide with noon, as it is determined by how many hours of daylight there are in that given day.

Kollel Chatzos

Kollel Chatzos is a global learning organization with six physical locations in Boro Park, Meron, Monroe, Monsey and Williamsburg. program in every city in the world. Our devout learners immerse themselves in learning for six consecutive hours, culminating in a fervent vasikin Shacharis.